Theo, Theo, my brother! You worked while I constantly painted the sunflowers, endlessly painting to regain my sanity. But I am not insane, I was just painting nature to capture the beauty of this world.

I am so sorry for being like this, for being a brother who lets you work while I casually put nature on my canvass. Forgive me my dear bro.

Arles, I love Arles with its hot sun and bright, bright light. The sun burnt my skin while painting but never mind, I’d like to capture nature in its beauty, wonders that only God could have made. Remember my desire to be a preacher? It didn’t happen but nevertheless, my motive was pure. And so my ministry became the nature that I captured in my canvass – swirling clouds, the stars of the night sky, sunflowers in their multitude of hues.


Remember the countless letters that we wrote to each other? Those letters let me divulge to you my innermost fears, my frustrations, my dreams. I am so happy when I sold one of my paintings. The sale temporarily caused me to not depend on you my dear bro. I was ecstatic with the sale. Who won’t? Staying under the hot sun isn’t easy. I’m afraid my eyes are getting ruined but what the heck!