Survival of the Fittest

survival of the Fittest

And so I wrote one morning in March of 1975: "Surely life is a great classroom where we continually learn. Sometimes what we learned yesterday is entirely different from what we realize or understand today. However what is important is that one continually grows and matures. He must not put a limit when failures come his way. It's all a part of life., so for better or for worse, our acceptance is needed; the will to survive the rigors of everyday life is a necessity. This world is governed by the survival of the fittest law".

The survival of the fittest law is a naturalistic phrase made famous by Darwin in his On Origin of the Species nonsense. It’s the same phrase that one of the most evil persons born in this world adopted for his nonsense Aryan superiority.

That nonsense directly caused the death of some 75 million people not including  untold millions of military personnel and civilians, many of whom died because of genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease (how many possibly died because of their ruined mental health?), and starvation.

Being Far Away From Family Was No Joke

For the first time in my life, I was separated from Buenavista and family for an extended period of time. I took the Darwinian motto as a crutch, as a way to fit into this new world.

I wasn’t being political (I mean I wasn’t holding any particular belief in the major thoughts of the day). It was just a way to cope. I realized I need to be strong because this college life is new to me. And I have to add, some people expect too much of me and everyday, I feel stressed out. After all, I wasn’t putting my best foot forward. The negativities were winning. I felt so stressed out.

Normandy Landing

Desperate Faces

Unnecessary Deaths

And another thing, during that point in my life, the beauty of this world sometimes eluded me.

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