Starry Night

When you look up to the heavens, what do you see? Do you see the clouds, the stars, the darkness or you don’t see anything?

A starry night, you go out to the veranda with your girlfriend to watch them, the multitude of stars to satiate your senses with their beauty. The night  becomes more romantic as it gets deeper into the night, those romantic nights that Vincent Van Gogh never had. He once had a prostitute for a lover and pitiably so. His nights never were romantic in the sense that he was loved. Or maybe he was loved by that woman; who are we to judge his nights as unromantic.



Vincent’s soul was tortured. We can assume that those starry nights that he looked up made his soul less tortured. Nobody who first saw the painting had any clue that it would be worth $100 million today. It is probably worth more now while sitting at the Museum of Modern Art.

I was 11. My teacher Mr. Romulo Morga wanted to expand my mind, expand my perceptions. So he asked me the same questions as above. But more than that, he inspired me to ask questions and to look for answers. You can ask questions about this world and it will be an unending endeavor. The world has so many wonders, wonders of wonders, unending wonders, your questions will go on into infinity.