My Diary was Instrumental in My Spiritual Growth

On a voyage with myself


A lot of things happened in 1975

Major Events of 1975

  • Helsinki Accords.
  • Francisco Franco dies.
  • Angola Independent.
  • Soviets Buy Grain.
  • Pol Pot Takes Over Cambodia.
  • Mozambique Independent.
  • Mayaguez.
  • Communist Capture S. Vietnam.

I was just too young to appreciate what happened that year when I started my diary. All I was thinking about was me, myself, and I. I still remember an acute fear of the future, how I would cope with what’s gonna happen and I think that’s how we all think when we are young.


All we think about are the acne on our face: “Oh! I’m getting more of them, what would I do now? I remember always thinking of my personal appearance. And my thoughts: March 15, 1975 “I again tried to review my high school life thru letters and other mementos. And reading those souvenirs of the past strengthened my once-weary thoughts and it was as if I was living those moments again. Unhappily the past belongs to the past and I can never bring it back again. I realized where my present mistakes lie, I scrutinized them in detail hoping to eliminate the bad ones and preserve the good virtues. None is noteworthy except my self realization.”

” I realized that one must go down the hill to understand how high he stood on it.”

3 March 1975

“I really felt and proven how hard it is to revamp a deteriorating personality.”




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