More Wonders of Babies Facts

More Wonders of Babies Facts

1. Newborn babies really are easier than toddlers – make the most of it!

2. They do smell great too.

3. Babies brains take in more in the first five years than we do for the rest of our lives.

4. A newborn’s head is very large in proportion to the body, and the cranium is enormous relative to his or her face. 

5. Some newborns have a fine, downy body hair called lanugo. It may be particularly noticeable on the back, shoulders, forehead, ears and face of premature infants. Lanugo disappears within a few weeks

6. Immediately after birth, a newborn’s skin is often grayish to dusky blue in color. As soon as the newborn begins to breathe, usually within a minute or two, the skin’s color reaches its normal tone. 

7. Babies are born to dance.

Talk about tiny dancers! Studies have proven that babies are born with an innate sense of rhythm.

8. More wonders of babies facts: Newborns are born with their stomachs the size of a walnut.

That’s nuts! No wonder they require constant feedings.

9. Babies deprive their parents of approximately 44 days of sleep.

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