Man's ingenuity knows no bounds

Man’s Inventiveness is Limitless

It is a truism: man’s ingenuity knows no bounds. For a creature who has 37 trillion cells in his body, an astounding number (37 followed by 12 zeroes or 37,000,000,000,000), we are so endowed by our Creator. We are so special because we are so blessed. Incidentally or rather purposely, we also are in possession of 86 billion neuron cells. We are an enormously complex creation, astounding in structure and intelligence. We are really fearfully and wonderfully made as Psalm 139:14 attests.

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God also put man in charge of all that’s on earth and by extension, the whole of the universe. I can’t imagine myself being in dominion of all the flora and fauna, of all the mountains, lands, lakes, oceans, minerals of this world. But that’s what’s in the Bible.

Through written accounts of earth’s long history, we can read of all man’s inventions, improvements, creations, writings, constructions, fabrications, etc. From the earliest known invention like the wheel to the European figurative cave paintings of Chauvet Cave in France, dating to earlier than 30,000 BC to the invention of the computer, living on earth is so much comfortable, safer,fuller and fascinating.

Man’s ingenuity knows to bounds and the speed of man’s inventions becomes faster and surer with the advancement of technology and the tremendous accumulation of man’s knowledge.

Man’s inventions through the ages accelerated during the last 100 years of earth’s history. It doesn’t mean that our ancestors had less brain cells than us, it only means that with the explosion of the populations of the world, with the advancement of technology, with the explosion of the branches of human knowledge, man’s ingenuity is now ripe for more inventions, more discoveries, more technological advancement in all fields of human endeavor.

Man’s ingenuity knows no bounds and it will continue for until the earth still stands, until the end of time. The earth is going to produce more of the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Raphael, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, John Stuart Mill, Thales of Miletus, Thomas Edison, Archimedes, Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Fleming, Rene Descartes, etc.




There’s a whole lot more geniuses out there, too many to count through the world’s history. Man’s ingenuity knows no bounds be it in science, religion, or anthropology; be it in his capacity to endure the challenges of his existence or mortality.

Man’s ingenuity knows no bounds and will go on until the earth exists.Does it behoove anyone to think this way? No. The issue is whether the earth will go on and I believe that it will until God tells us otherwise.