I am Placid and Tranquil as a Pond on a Quiet Summer Day – A View of A Day 41 Years Ago

Peace and quiet

April 1975

“How beautiful is this Wednesday morning! The chirping of the birds, the coldness of dusk, the beauty and majesty of the sky and the distant mountains. I know the serenity is within me, if not outside. How beautiful will this world be everyday if the beauty begins from the heart. A beautiful heart has the power to perceive the beauty from the sun’s rays, the smiles from lips and flowers.

It has the capacity to feel the rhythm exerted by the universe. It knows how to be in union with All and with God.

I am placid and tranquil as a pond on a quiet, summer day. I guess I’ve finally learned how to live

Life, as one author defines it, is energy, vitality, freedom, growth, dynamism. If I can know and master how to live this way, I believe everything will be smooth and complete for me. I hope I’ll do and I can”.

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