Draw Power from the Highest Consciousness

the Highest consciousness is god

March 1975

“This day is, I believe, fine if physical and mental conditions are concerned. I was calm with the exception of some moments when I grew impatient and hotheaded with regards to small matters. I may be rising slowly but surely. Hoping to reach the zenith of human existence and maintain being up there. Just imagine, from the nadir to the zenith in a matter of days. The important factor is determination and firm resolve + most importantly, His unending guidance. I always try to be in rhythm with the universe although there were moments of slips. Hope to perfect it soon. Really, I must not forget how essential it is for man to draw power from the Highest Consciousness.”

The Highest Consciousness is God if that was what I meant. To be young is to sometimes say what I didn’t know how to say it. There was the influence of Yoga, that eastern mysticism which I was attracted to. I seemingly believe that all roads to heaven, when that is a fallacy. The only road to eternal life is through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord.

It’s so easy to be led astray. I remember believing what I read about a yogi being able, through years of discipline, to see in the dark. Later on, I realized it was nonsense but being young and not knowing any better, I was gullible and having youth as my excuse for my credulity.

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