This website is about the beauty of this world. I decided to build this website because I notice that this world had changed a lot since the time of our grandparents, even our parents. It had become more secular, more nonbelieving, more cynical.

I guess that’s partly due to what’s being taught in schools and universities. I believe the cosmos we belong in has a beginning.

The Big Bang theory has not only survived intense scrutiny, a series of remarkable
confirmations have shown it to be one of the greatest scientific accomplishments of recent years. It was a revelation of  an incredible story of how our universe developed into what we it is today.

It has become one of the strongest testimonies to the validity of the biblical account of creation, since it clearly confirms that our universe had a beginning, as described in Genesis 1. It is remarkable that the observations have allowed us to trace the record of our universe back to this beginning point.

Two Bell lab scientists, Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias discovered  Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation  in 1965. It turned out to be the predicted radiation left over by the initial explosion that began the expansion of the universe itself. The Bell lab microwave receiver was the first telescope capable of analyzing such light waves, allowing an accidental discovery, the greatest scientific discovery of the 20th century.

The universe is not static, it is expanding, it has a beginning and God created it.