how do i grow?

how do i grow?

So I wrote on March 16, 1975, “This day was a tense day and I was really at loss how to express myself in a better way. I realized that I can’t separate my emotion from my nature because we are people of emotions, i.e  if it’s removed from us, we’ll be reduced to beasts even if our intellect is retained.”

I think my emotion was getting the better part of me when I was younger. There was the preoccupation with what might happen the following day. Thinking about it, I would say that we get a better handle on emotion as we get older. If my emotion ruled when I was 19, maybe because we feel different, think differently at the many phases of our existence. Us humans are so complicated and more than sometimes, we couldn’t understand ourselves.

We sometimes give up on ourselves when the going gets rough. And many times in my life, I questioned my motives, urges, thoughts, fears, enthusiasm. One thing that I have learned:

It’s so hard to understand yourself.

I heard somebody said, “Life is energy, vitality, freedom, growth, dynamism.”

How do I grow grow up? We grow up despite ourselves. We grow up because we learn from our mistakes. We grow up because nature compels us. We grow up until that point when everything goes downhill from thereon.

But life is always a struggle and we continue on trying. We need to thank God for giving us time. Growing up is when we mature in our thoughts (as well, of course, physically) although this blog is more about growing up, just the way Jesus as found in Luke 2:52 New King James Version
And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

I wish that Jesus became my model, my guide and I wish that I consistently patterned my life according to His teachings and life.



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